Some bitsyfolk wanted to have a sleepover, but sadly most of them lived super far away from each other. So I thought- why not have a virtual sleepover instead? 

The Bitsy Jim Jam is a collaborative project where each person sent a sprite of themselves to come to the party along with a tile and item if they wished. In the end it was a huge success with 30 people attending! I hope you have fun meeting everyone!

Thank you to Lenny and BedWords for the music & Ducklingsmith for helping me to get Bitsy Muse to work. Want to join in on the next Bitsy community collab? Join the Discord!

Party Guests:


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hey I was just downloading a return of the tentacle and this was advertised below and got my attention! I get registeden instantly on itch and discord because of it:)) Im really curious, how I will get it work now? Have to wait on certain date of releasng sleepover? Thx Sue

how can i get the music ? Love it !

Lenny  made the upbeat music and BedWords made the lullaby! (They did a great job!) You'll have to ask them for the original files if you want them!

Oh! I'm sorry I missed this comment! The lullaby was made on BeepBox so you should be able to check it out here:


So beautiful! <3 I love this community.


It really is wonderful <3

i love it. 0_0



I want to host something like this! Unless there is already another one in the works! :)

Go for it! We have another Bitsy collab coming up but that one is going to be wildly different from this one!

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oh I didn't know, where can I join?

Edit: I did host one, it's on the Bitsy forums!


Nice work into this! I hope you make another!

P.S. I am sorry that I didn't join for some reason. Hope that I join in the next one if you do make another!

P.S.2. I am also sorry that I do not have discord...

It's okay! I definitely want to do something like this again but maybe not for a while? I'm thinking the next one will be a New Years Eve party!


Ah! This was so good! I loved how everyone's personalities made it feel like a happy little rainbow of party people.

I am sad I missed this one, but everyone did such a great job!


There will be a next one and I hope to see you there! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Sweeeet :) I felt FOMO haha

I'm sorry you felt FOMO but I hope you enjoyed the sleepover regardless!

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i LOVE this so much!!!! it just like brought an instant smile to my face!! the best sleepover i've been to in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong while <3 the music is soooo good too!! lenny and bedwords did so good!!

hi onion. i like this too (I usually don't type like that, but I felt like it since I'm replying to you, onion.)

it turned out really good eh :D




That was sweet. :-) Loved all the different personalities in there. The background music is great. Glad I could be a part of it.


it's the cutest thing ever!




Wonderful! ^_^ This is so cute and fun! So glad I got to be a part of this, and looking forward to playing more Bitsy games :DDDDD

Yes I'm so glad you joined! I hope you have fun exploring all the great games out there!


Ahhhh it's so lovely! And AshGary - I *do* like A Flock of Seagulls :D




the bgm is 👌😍👌

It's put into the sleepover using Bitsymuse.

YESSSSS! Lenny and BedWords did such a good job!


Hi everybody 💕💖💗


Aaaaaaaah now I really want a real sleepover!! ;O;




I'm in this one!