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wow! i can't believe nobody has ever made any video games ever, except this one. wow. im so glad this is the only representation of the medium known as video games.

thank you!! truly honored to have made the only video game ever! and delighted that more dont exist. can you imagine



this is the only game ever fhsgdndj I love this sm

Ajajdjdjddjsnsj THANK YOU!!!


And thus, a beautiful partnership is born...

This cracked me up. :)

:D Glad it made you laugh!

is this game short or am i dumb

It is very short (and not quite a game even haha)!

i love this !!!!

Thank you!! ๐Ÿ’—

Put this in the MoMA!!!!!!!!!!

Sksjdkdk PLEASE!!!

very very good


thank you!! i try!

omg omg i love this so much!!!