Meet Alana & take a look at the design doc!

Meet Alana the protagonist of Everything Will be Fine! 

Alana was traveling solo on an expedition to a remote space outpost when her ship crashed into space debris and landed on what appears to be an uninhabited planet. Alana is resourceful and determined to find a way to survive and get off the planet. An astrobiologist by trade she is highly intelligent, though she lacks advanced engineering and mechanics knowledge. Studying life in space has been a lifelong dream of hers and has been supported by her parents, who she is very close with. Though she’s trying to remain hopeful she is stressed about her current situation and copes by making existential and fatalistic jokes. 

After being stranded for 247 days Alana is starting to severely suffer from the prolonged isolation. She’s depressed and has been having minor auditory & visual hallucinations as well as what may be a justified sense of paranoia. With her ship nearly repaired she must survive one last day on the planet. 

The  sprites and character sheet are from when she has first landed. 

And here is the game design document I'm using for the demo if you want to sneak a peak at that!

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