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Your game is a MASTERPIECE. I loved everything about it - the graphics, the story. Pure perfection. I can see some clever metaphorism there - bad lord is trying to turn Isela straight, like homophobes often do. Fluffy and Dusty can be portrayed as Gwyn and Isela's creations (perhaps children?). Also, the whole adventure seems to be a hard process of accepting your sexuality. Thank you for letting me experience this amazing story.


I know I'm replying to this way too late but your kindness overwhelmed me and I didn't know how to respond! So let me just say thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

THE GRAPHICS ARE SO CUTE!!!! THE GAMEPLAY IS REALLY FUN!!!!! i feel like i most gushed already on twitter but either way THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 YAY!!! i'm glad you liked it